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add multiple domains on shared hosting account

Having multiple domains is very common. In fact, web hosting providers encourage it, because it makes as much sense as it is necessary. There are several factors that will dictate why you may need to have multiple domains on a shared hosting and how to add those domains, but first, let’s cover some basic information, like what is shared hosting, a domain and why you may want to consider hosting several domain names.

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What are nameservers

First, let's start by answering the question on your mind. "What are nameservers?" Simply put, namesevers or Domain Name System, DNS is a system that converts domain names that are easily remembered by humans into the equivalent numeric addresses known as Internet Protocol, IP.

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How To Select a domain name

What Is A Domain?

Servers use IP Address in order to establish connections. IP Addresses are a series of numbers ( which are unique to each server. If you decided to not use a domain with your website users would have to connect Via the IP Address. This is not ideal as an IP Address is hard to remember and provides no detail regarding the websites content.