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tips to decrease the risk of downtime

Regardless of the type of industry you are in, a website is essential in boosting the reach and revenue of your business. But, it’s more than just having a website. You will have to put measures in place to ensure that it stays online and is accessible to your customers. This is the same kind of effort used to keep your brick and mortar offices open. However, with a website the idea is to have it open to the public at all times. Unfortunately, there are a number of factors can result in website downtime. It’s like you’ve put a ‘closed’ sign on your door that should be open 24/7.

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Data Loss Prevention traffic illustration

Most companies manage organizational and personal client information online every day. With the exponential rate at which data volume is growing, so does the increases in accidental leakage of sensitive information. As a result, the need for data loss prevention is even more overwhelmingly relevant with each passing year.

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Tips for website safety

A secure website is vital to your online success. Cybercriminals are everywhere, they make a living by stealing personal data from unsuspecting website owners. Data is a very valuable asset. So valuable that it is like gold or to put another way, the backbone of our world. Likewise, we disperse like a circuit that channels electricity. No wonder, cybercriminals  target websites to steal or sell sensitive data for fraud and other malicious deeds.