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If your website processes highly sensitive or personal data, it is your reasonability by law to safeguard that data from malicious people. Many career criminals target websites daily to sniff packets containing personal data that they can either use or sell to make money. .

To prevent this, you must encrypt your traffic to stop personal data being stolen. If a criminal attempts to steals an encrypted packet they will not be able to see the personal data. This keeps data secure while in transit and on your servers.

Certificate Green Address Bar Site Seal Validation Type Mobile Friendly Time To Obtain Warranty Price
Positive SSLStandard Entry-Level Encryption No Static DV Validation No Minutes Up to $20,000 $10.50/Year
Positive SSL Multi-DomainOne Certificate Secures Multiple Domains No Static DV Validation No Minutes Up to $20,000 $40.00/Year
Positive SSL WildCardOne Certificate Secures Multiple Sub-Domains No Dynamic DV Validation Yes Minutes Up to $20,000 $130.00/Year
Sectigo SV SSLPerfect SSL for any website Yes Dynamic EV Validation Yes 2 – 10 Days Up to $500,000 $136.00/Year

Selecting The Correct SSL Certificate

Positive SSL Certificate

If you only have one domain to encrypt, we recommend this package.

Positive SSL Multi-Domain

If you have multiple domains to encrypt this option is recommended as it is more cost effective than buying individual certificates for each individual domain.

Positive SSL WildCard

If you have multiple sub-domains that need encrypting this option is recommended.

Sectigo SV SSL

If you handle extremely sensitive data that, if used maliciously will cause financial damage to your clients, you need this package to guarantee data is encrypted to a high quality. You will be responsible for any financial losses to your clients as a result of poor security.

DV Or EV Validation?

Domain Validation (DV)

If your website processes personal data such as; Names, Passwords, Birthdays etc it is your responsibility to protect the data. Personal Data if unencrypted can be used to commit fraud or brute force client logins on other sites.

Extended Validation (EV)

If your website processes sensitive data such as; Bank details, Addresses, etc it is vital to encrypt using the highest level of encryption. Sensitive data if unencrypted can be used maliciously to cause finical damage to your clients!

Benefits To SSL Encryption

Boosts Trust & Conversions

Browsers indicate to users if a website is encrypted by placing a green padlock in the URL bar. Many users instantly trust websites with a green padlock. Not having a green padlock will affect conversion rates as many users won’t trust you with their data.

Quick Setup

Getting your certificate issued is a fast process baring in mind you provide the correct details.

Protects Data In Transit

When a client sends data to your servers the data will travel over a number of networks that many people can access. Criminals often sniff packets looking for private information. If your encrypted traffic is intercepted it will be impossible for the criminal to unencrypt, this means they won’t have access to the vital sensitive data.

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