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Email marketing platform

Our email marketing platform is an excellent solution for small business websites and bloggers looking to connect with their email subscribers on a more personal level. We have developed the best email solution to give access to professionally designed emails that require no coding to edit/customise. It is easy for beginners with no coding requirements but is at the same time, a perfect match for advanced users who would like to use HTML code.

To enhance your email marketing strategy your best option is to invest in email marketing software today. The cheapest email marketing service for small business owners can be found right here on our website. Plus, you get these top features with all plans:

  • Get unlimited 24/7 dedicated support
  • Unlock the best email marketing templates
  • Create new email campaigns with one click
  • Manage and organise email contacts

The Best Email Marketing Service Features!

Our email marketing service provides marketers and website owners with range of features. These features make our email marketing platform easy to use and is responsible for its success.


Unlimited 24/7 Email Marketing Technical Support!

We provide dedicated support, day or night to all our email marketing clients. So, when you can get in touch, we will be ready to help. Our dedicated email support team are trained in email marketing strategies and can therefore provide relevant advice regarding our emailing services.


Access Email Marketing Tools and Automated Features.

Use our email marketing tools to assist you with creating new email campaigns and a wide range of general emailing tasks. Our email marketing tools, and automated features are easy to use – Even for beginners to email marketing!


Our Email Signup Forms Increase Active Subscribers.

Hostname.com email marketing software provides a range of premade email signup forms. You can access them with any email marketing account and edit it to your liking. Once you customise a new email signup form you can seamlessly embed it in your website. This allows you to provide new and existing website visitors the option to join your mailing list.


Customise Email Templates To Create Engaging Email Campaigns!

One of the best email marketing strategies is to customise multiple email templates to create exclusive marketing campaigns with engaging newsletters. Our email marketing software provides email templates that users can customise. Within the user-friendly drag and drop email editor, you can customise your email templates and create your first engaging email marketing campaign.


Find The Cheapest Email Marketing Plans

Upgrade email marketing service plans without the need to switch providers! Our email marketing plans cover an array of emailing requirements for our users. The cheapest email marketing plan for small business owners can be selected for your marketing campaign!


Get Optimised Email Marketing Templates

Optimised email campaigns reach the most readers. Email designs that are not optimised risk being displayed incorrectly or may even fail to load images, demeaning your hard work. However, when you select one of our templates for you campaign, you’ll spend less time on a design and more time focusing on crafting your message. Start using optimised email templates in our email marketing software.



The Email Marketing tool for professionals. Select a Plan

Email Marketing Service Plans!

Below you’ll find some of the best email marketing plan for small business owners and websites. When you select our email marketing plan, know that you’ve made the decision to select the best email marketing service provider with multiple services to suit your needs. Should you need larger emailing sending limits per month contact our support team for a quote.

Main Information


  • Emails per month    

  • Migrate, Organize and Manage Contacts

  • Design and Edit Email Marketing Templates

  • Email Marketing Support

  • Monthly Price



Great for Email Marketing Beginners

  • Storage
  • 25,000

  • Bandwidth
  • Yes

  • Websites
  • Yes

  • Email Accounts
  • Unlimited

  • Monthly Price
  • $29.95


Ideal For Websites Gaining Regular Traffic

  • Storage
  • 50,000

  • Bandwidth
  • Yes

  • Websites
  • Yes

  • Email Accounts
  • Unlimited

  • Monthly Price
  • $49.95


Designed With Businesses In Mind

  • Storage
  • 80,000

  • Bandwidth
  • Yes

  • Websites
  • Yes

  • Email Accounts
  • Unlimited

  • Monthly Price
  • $69.95


Indulge In Our Ultimate WebHost Package

  • Storage
  • 150,000

  • Bandwidth
  • Yes

  • Websites
  • Yes

  • Email Accounts
  • Unlimited

  • Monthly Price
  • $139.95

*VAT Not included in price. If applicable, it will be added at checkout.

Customise Email Templates For Automated Email Marketing Campaigns!

Purchase our user-friendly email marketing platform and spend less time creating email campaigns and more time improving other aspects of your marketing message.

Setup Auto-Responder

The auto-responder campaign feature provided with the email marketing platform is used to setup an automated email that is sent out once triggered by an event. Autoresponders allow email marketing users to create scheduled email marketing campaigns. Use our auto-responder features to send a Welcome to new users message, alerts and updates. Set, annual date autoresponders to send emails out once a year on a date of your choice. Never miss a holiday greeting with this feature.

Email Marketing Software for Hassle Free Campaigns!

The best email marketing service provider offers users the platform to create hassle free campaigns. To boost your email marketing strategies, use an automated email marketing software to help with your new email campaigns. You’ll find spectacular email themes designed to meet your needs organised by category like newsletters and campaigns.
Sign up today and create a successful automated email marketing campaign!
Start an email campaign, Select a plan.

Customise Email Templates Within Our Drag And Drop Email Template Editor!

1) Simply browse the range of email marketing templates available within the email marketing client area!
2) Select the best email marketing template for your email campaign.
3) Customise template by adding custom/personalised content images and by dragging varying elements to a predesigned email layout.
4) Once customised, your new email will be ready for sending to your client list/s.
Customise multiple email templates with our drag and drop email editor in the same time it takes to create one engaging email from scratch!

Select an email template

Key Benefits To Email Marketing Templates Provided With The Email Marketing Software.

1) The email templates provided with the email marketing service are easy to customise.
2) Email marketing templates are optimised for multiple devices!
3) Multiple email template layouts can be used per email marketing campaign.
4) Our email templates include built-in CTA Buttons.
5) We provide email signup form templates with our email marketing software.

View email templates


Email Marketing Tool Reviews

We’re always striving to please our customers. Here’s what they think about our services.

” Ease of use, templates choices, customer support (+++)” Managing my contacts and campaigns has given me fantastic results and has been really easy. Plus, the customer support is unparalleled.

Mathieu S

“Great for Newsletter Emails! I Love It” It’s a great tool for generating and designing newsletters for your client list, featuring your news, Images, texts and customize templates from a wide selection of themes. I use it regularly for sending to my clients’ newsletters on a monthly basis.

Antonis D.

“The Right Solution for Our Non-Profit Organization”Easy to use interface with flexibility regarding templates and lists management. We run a mentoring for entrepreneurs’ network and need to reach our mentors and mentees with flexible and robust tools that are very easy to manage. We get that from the email service. 

Rina M


Email Marketing Software Frequently Asked Questions.

Why Should I use an email marketing software?

Creating an email marketing strategy could be what beginners to email marketing need to boost email campaign. The aim of every email software is to make like and work easier with advanced tools that come together to help marketers and site owners increase sales, email subscribers and boost conversion rates!

How does our software help to achieve this goal?

Well, it gives account holders access to email templates designed by experts, with CTAs, stunning images, optimised layout and even lets advanced users edit in HTML if they choose. There are hundreds of themes to choose from, giving you fresh new designs to leave your clients guessing and well, stunned with each jaw-dropping email.
Use our designs to send your messages and spend less time designing guaranteed.

Does your email marketing software automate migrate Email Contact List?

Yes! Within our email marketing software new users can automate migrate email contact lists!
Switching email marketing service providers doesn’t have to be a struggle for email marketing users! Automatically migrate email contact lists from previous email marketing service providers using our user-friendly email marketing platform.

How Many Times Can I Change Email Marketing Platform Plans?

You can do this as many times as you like! Upgrade your email marketing service whenever you like!
The best email marketing plan for professional campaigns can be selected by email marketing users! Plans are contract free and new users can user our service risk free thanks to our 30-day money back guarantee. You have nothing to lose. Start enhancing your email strategy today!

Can I migrate my email contact lists when I switch service providers?

When switching email marketing service providers ensure than you store and download your contact list to a secure location. When you change providers, you can migrate all your existing email contact lists from previous provider. Use our email marketing automation migration tool to assist you with migrating contact lists. This guarantees your active readers will receive your new emails, thanks to a seamless migration process.

Is The Email Marketing Support Team Really Unlimited and 24/7?

Yes. For email marketing software account holders, our 24/7 dedicated email support team is always on standby to assist you.