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HostName.com is a reliable provider of Web, VPS hosting and related products World Wide. All our plans come with essentials in order to get your online fast without any unnecessary bundles.
At HostName.com our main goal is to revolutionise the web hosting market by providing users with powerful, reliable and modern high performing servers.

Our Data centre and Servers are Hosted With Timico

We have partnered with Timico to guarantee our data centre is always secure. Your server is stored in a room secured with biometric technology that prevents unauthorised access. Timico employ staff 24/7 to monitor CCTV cameras around the data centre. If someone has gained unauthorised access to the data centre they will be seen on CCTV and removed either by security or police. Giving you piece of mind knowing your server is constantly monitored.

Our hosting solutions are flexible, scalable and backed by powerful servers.

  • Powerful and reliable Network with 99.9% uptime
  • Dual diesel generators and UPS
  • Secure & low-cost East Midlands location

Price-lock guarantee

Take advantage of our price-lock guarantee and secure the price you pay today for life. This means if we change our hosting prices your service will not be affected. You will continue paying the original price agreed upon signup. (*with the exclusion of specials – which are clearly shown). All ‘special offers’ with an introductory phase are clearly indicated with no fine print.


Security is our top priority in order to keep your data safe. Our team is built up of trusted technicians with years of experience hand-picked by us. We take advantage of the following systems to ensure your data is kept safe.

  • Expert engineer support on site 24/7/365
  • 24/7/365 secure customer
  • State-of-the-art network monitoring
  • Remote-hands facility
  • Personal Support when needed