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.99 domain names
Before you can create the website of your dreams, you need to register a domain with a trusted domain registrar.  Some advertisers offer domains for as little as .99 cents. Some of these deals are legit, but most of them lure you in with the promise of .99 domain names only for you to end up paying even more later.
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365 mail
Microsoft has outdone itself with its latest update of Office 365. Gone are the days when you install software that you get on a disc. Instead, everything is cloud-based, so an Internet connection is all you need. This allows for the second powerful change: subscription. Users of the suite can now pay on a monthly or annual basis after choosing the most appropriate plan for their needs. Plans are designed with the family, student, businesses and other users in mind.
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how to inspect element
Google Chrome is more than just a browser. Google Chrome allows you to look behind the scenes of any website that you visit. This is great if you are learning HTML, are new to website development, or perhaps just curious to know how stuff works. The feature that allows you to do this is called Element and is available to anyone using Chrome.
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php redirect
If you’ve heard of a URL redirection or URL forwarding, you are familiar with a PHP redirect is. If not or if you require a refresher, a redirect is the forwarding or rerouting of a web page, form or website. For example, you searched for hostname.com/seotool, but are instead sent or redirected to hostname.com/seo. Redirects are usually done to accomplish several goals including re-routing specific web pages to new locations, managing website traffic during site maintenance or during downtime or website backup.
tips to decrease the risk of downtime

Regardless of the type of industry you are in, a website is essential in boosting the reach and revenue of your business. But, it’s more than just having a website. You will have to put measures in place to ensure that it stays online and is accessible to your customers. This is the same kind of effort used to keep your brick and mortar offices open. However, with a website the idea is to have it open to the public at all times. Unfortunately, there are a number of factors can result in website downtime. It’s like you’ve put a ‘closed’ sign on your door that should be open 24/7.

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how to choose resources for your web hosting-plan

By now, you know how important having a website is. After all, that’s why you are now looking for the best resources and web hosting plans to make it a success. However, all hosting plans offer different amounts of resources. Figuring out which web hosting plan to choose can be quite daunting when you are just getting started online. How do you know which hosting package is right for your specific website’s needs? What aspects of hosting are most important to help you run an efficient and successful website? You’ll also find yourself asking questions like how much RAM do I need or how much bandwidth is enough.

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What makes a good hosting provider

It is recommended to research multiple hosting providers before purchasing web hosting. Selecting a reliable web hosting provider is highly important to ensure a steady and smooth hosting experience. Selecting an unreliable hosting provider will have a negative impact on your website’s performance and reliability. This article aims to highlight the importance of a reliable hosting provider and what clients should look for in a hosting provider.

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Different Uses For Web Hosting.

Building a sustainable brand for your business is sometimes challenging, however a website can assist you with this. Websites are a remarkable channels for creating reliable brands. Plus they help to connect your idea with interested users around the clock. In fact, gone are the days when businesses halt the instant their storefront closes. Now, thanks to websites and primarily webhosting, the driving force of websites, users can access companies goods and services at the click of a button and well you know the rest.

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How to budget for your new business website

Why Does My Buisness Need A WebSite Budget?

You have your very own business. Great! Creating a website for your business provides you with an online identity that your customers can view. Creating a budget allows you to consider all aspects of setting up and implementing your website and their associated costs. Budgeting therefore prevents overspending by outlining all costs you may incur reducing unexpected fees.

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Robots.txt files are a standard used by websites in order to communicate with web crawlers and other web robots. Knowing whether or not you require robots.txt files with your new web hosting can be challenging to estimate. This article aims to highlight how robots.txt files work and whether or not you require them for website optimisation.