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Plan Backup Storage WorkStations VirtualMachines Mobile Devices Office 365 MailBoxes 24/7/365 Support High Granularity Windows/Linux Support Price
Plan 1 50GB Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Yes Yes $9.99
Plan 2 100GB Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Yes Yes $21.99
Plan 3 250GB Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Yes Yes $54.99
Plan 4 1TB Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Yes Yes $164.99

Why Backups Are Important

Creating documents takes time and money. As your business progresses you will create more documents that are used on a daily basis. If these documents one day disappeared, you would be stuck and not able to resume business until the documents had been re-created. This can potential cripple and even bankrupt business. Simply backing up your documents removes the risk of completely losing data, instead if data is lost you can restore your documents from the backup. All you would need to do Is update the documents and you can resume business as normal.

What Does Acronis Offer?

Military Grade Encryption

Acronis takes full advantage of military grade AES 256-bit encryption to ensure your data is safe and secure when stored on their servers. This gives you peace of mind knowing your data is unreadable to unauthorised users.

Data Protection Certificates

Acronis doesn’t take security lightly. They have many certificates including SOC1, SOC2, SOC3, and ISO-27001. These certificates have been given to Acronis by third parties who have ensured Acronis’s data centres meet high standards to ensure no unauthorised people gain access.

Scheduel Backups

Having the option to setup automatic backups removes the risk of you forgetting to backup entirely. You can select how often you backup your main server, this can be daily to weekly or yearly. However, we recommend scheduling your backups daily.

Scheduel Data Removal

If generating backups daily your server will soon run out of storage. This is no problem when using Acronis. You have the option to keep your old backups or if required you can automatically delete old backups after being stored for a period of time.

User-Friendly Dashboard

Acronis dashboard is extremely user-friendly offering you a wide range of functions. You can view how much storage is being used vs how much is left, check for errors, view active alerts and much more. Make backing up your data smooth and easy.


Why Should I Backup On A Seprate Server?

In the worse case scenario your server could fail entirely. If this was to happen not only would your original data be lost but your backups as-well. To prevent this it is highly recommended to store your backups of your main server or network. By keep backups separate in the event your network or server fails you backups are not affect in anyway. This then allows you to fix your issues and restore from backup.

How Does Data Go Missing?

Accidentally Deleting files: People after all are people and make mistakes. You can accidentally delete files without noticing. Viruses/Ransomwares: If your network was to become infected with a virus you have the potential to lose data or have all files encrypted. To unencrypt your files, you would have to pay your blackmailer. However, if you have a backup you can simply reset your network removing the virus entirely then restore from your backup to resume business.

I Require More Than 1TB Of Storage!

Yes. We are always here to help clients get what they want out of their hosting. Simply contact us regarding your issue and we will be more than happy to help.

Can I Backup Databases such as Microsoft SQL Server?

Yes. Arconis allows you to backup your Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SharePoint by using Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service.

What Our Customers Think

I am impressed. The support team where extremely friendly and resolved my issue no problem.


Finally i can start my online business. Getting the servers sorted was easy as HostName helped along the way.


Only been a few weeks and i can see an improvement in performance compared to my previous host.


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